It only made sense for Forood to host his own podcast. 
With over 24 years of experience as a career and life coach, Forood has more than thoughts to share. He is a recruiter by trade and founded his own company, VTRAC Consulting Corporation in Toronto, out of his deep desire to see people connect with their dream careers. 
In 2017, he founded VTRAC Robotics, an innovative technology enablement company that offers robots to support the elderly and aid children's education. VTRAC Robotics rose to the occasion in 2020 by providing health & safety and PPE robots.  

Forood 4 Thought is filled with expertise on how to find fulfillment in a career, dealing with difficult work situations, the challenges of remote work, and so much more. 
With his creative vision, I conducted the launch of the podcast, developed ideas to scripts, and edited the episodes using Adobe Audition.

SKILLS: Audio production, podcast scriptwriting, adhering to creative direction & vision, Adobe Audition