The Time You Left - Short Film (2022)
Producer: Jodie Man
Co-Writers and Co-Directors: Yvette Sin, Nikita Zhang
DOP: Eamon Hillis
Art Director: Leala Chi
Audio Lead & Casting Director: Heejin Kim​​​​​​​

When Chinese-Canadian single mother Erica gets diagnosed with cancer, she has one goal: to protect Amelia, her 9 year-old daughter, from the harsh realities of sickness. Amelia, however, will not be deceived so easily and turns to her own devices— namely, her camera and love for documentaries— to navigate through this new world of half-truths and hidden lies. 
Drawing narrative inspiration from films like The Farewell, The Florida Project and Lady Bird, The Time You Left explores the mother-child relationship as it relates to us— second-generation Asian-Canadians. Motherly love, as we’ve grown up with it, means being prepared for your own child to resent you, if for the sake of their own good. 
Canada Shorts Film Festival 
Toronto Shorts International Film Festival
AltFF Alternative Film Festival - Best Cinematography
WILDsound FEEDBACK Film and Screenplay Festival - Best Performance
Couch Film Festival
Vancouver Asian Film Festival
Lift-Off Global Network Toronto 2022
Alternative Film Festival Long Story Category Award Nominee, Summer 2022
Toronto Indie Shorts 2022